You are the rarest and most despised creature on earth. You are born into a very harsh and hostile world. Will you survive? Or will the Dragon vanish into myth?
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PostSubject: Shunertha   2nd July 2010, 5:07 pm

Name: Shunertha
Gender: Male
Age: Adolescent (Just Old Enough to Mate)
Subspecies: Alpine
Area: Mountain
Personality: Nomad. Stays by himself, has a small territory. He only mates when he has to, and, if he has a challenger, he just gives that part of his territory to them. Well, he gives it all. Then he goes and finds another. Easy going, laid back.
History: Shunertha's mother died in a man attack when he was a year old. He had an older sister who was four who took care of him, but she answered the mating call a year later and never returned. He managed to find his father, who had left after his mother died. His father returned in hopes of mating with her again, only to find his son still alive. He tried to teach Shunertha as much as he could, but Shunertha could care less. His father gave up and left him when it was time for Shunertha to leave. He soon found his father killed in a man attack.
Relations: Kilisis- Sister (Introduce Later)
Story So Far:...
-Tail: Normal Alpine Dragon tail, though his tail in shorter.
-Head: Normal head shape.
-Wings: Large wings, jagged on the edges.
-Build: Skinny and sleek
-Size: Medium
-Muzzle: Normal length, scarred from fights.
-Shape: Rounded, pointy at the end.
-Colors/Markings: A dark amber. His tail his a dark green along with his feet. Amber eyes.

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PostSubject: Re: Shunertha   16th October 2010, 2:05 am

Accepted! ^^
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